Mannequin madness

Maddox and I went to Ripleys Believe it or Not in the Waterfront today. It unfortunately slipped my mind that there would be a LOT of mannequins, which I conveniently realised once having paid for the tickets.

 The thing is, I have a serious fear of mannequins. Irrational yes, but still very much real. 

I can’t even look at the creepy things directly and consistently dash past/avoid them in Woolies. The more realistic they are, the worse it is. 

As mommies do though, I put on my big girl pants and went through the tour, albeit jumping at any and all noises and insisting that Maddox hold my hand as much as possible, mainly for my own reassurance. Maddox however, showed F all fear as expected and impressively, helped me conquer a little bit of my own. 

I even took pictures of him at the tallest man in the world mannequin. (That’s like having a fear of spiders and then seeing one the size of a car). 

I drew the line at standing too close to them though but still feel like I had a solid achievement today. And all because of a little 4 year old who was keen for an adventure. 

The experience took me straight back to when I was pregnant and had to periodically have blood drawn to check all was good with baby Maddox. I was terrified of needles and a vaccine was traumatic, nevermind drawing blood. 

However, I sucked it up, did the tests a good few times over the months and got slowly desensitized to my fear. All because my fear was way less important than Maddox. 

It just goes to show how you can consciously rearrange your priorities and conquer fears if the motivation is big/important enough to you. 

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to be bungee jumping or volunteering at a spider farm next weekend, but I might just consider donating my blood and perhaps walk a bit slower past the Woolies mannequins from now on. 


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